To choose your trip

Self guided or guided ?

Self Guided Walking : Go with whom you want, when you want, without a guide: we organize your route. In the Pyrenees, in France, in the Mediterranean or further afield, we offer self guided hikes and treks, with the representative or agent of La Balaguere who designed the circuit present in every valley, and on each massif.  You'll walk the trails safely with the help of maps, and a topo guide that we have designed for you.

Guided Walking : Join a small group and go with a guide who is a specialist in the region. The group you will join will be composed of an average of 10 people, or more precisely, between 5 and 15 participants, the maximum depends on the circuit, the difficulty, the human or ecological fragility of the area, and of course the number of people who have inscribed! 

Participants come from different countries, usually France, the United Kingdom or other parts of the European Union.
The guide speaks French and English.
For certain predetermined dates, groups are composed exclusively of English-speaking participants.
Family Holidays : For each trip, we have identified a minimum age for children. Of course, it is not only age that counts, it is also necessary to take into account their physical and technical ability, and even more important, their desires and motivation. 

You can take the self guided option or join a guided group. 

Cycling Holidays : Self guided, guided, with the family ...... these different plans are all available. Each itinerary is carefully selected , as well as the choice of accommodation which is adapted to suit the chosen itinerary.
All disciplines on 2 wheels are possible, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes, as well as electrically assisted bike trips. The level is often modulated by varying the length of the route.

You can complete the trip on your own bike or rent a bike on site, according to your wishes. 

Different types of travel

Walk and discover : this is the combination of small, easy stages, with the discovery of some of the major tourist sites of the region or area. We use a vehicle on a daily basis to transport you from site to site. There are sometimes other outdoor activities on certain holidays (cycling, kayaking, boating ...) but without technical difficulty.

Hiking : this takes you into the field of "modern" hiking. Help is never too far away, your luggage is transported from one stop to another.

Trekking : these are the walking routes that require more the mindset of a "fighter", because the stages are sometimes complicated in terms of altitude or terrain, or because the accommodation is sometimes very basic, or because the remoteness of an area makes it more complicated to provide assistance. A trek can range from easy, to more physical and tough. 

The Level - The Type of Walking - The Transport of Luggage

1 shoe : Occasional or beginner walker with a reasonable level of fitness. Average: Does not exceed 3-4 hours of walking per day, 0 to 300m elevation and / or maximum distance of 12 kms.Trails / terrain very easy.

2 shoes : Occasional or beginner walker with a good level of fitness. Average: Does not exceed 5 hours of walking, 200 to 500m elevation or a distance of 10-15 kms.Trails / terrain easy.

3 shoes : Occasional or regular walker with a good level of fitness. Average: Does not exceed 6 hours of walking, 400 to 700m elevation or a distance of 15-20 kms. Trails / terrain easy to medium, some passages off-trail or slightly hilly or rough ground likely. 

4 shoes : Regular walker with a good level of fitness. Average: Does not exceed 7 hours of walking, 600 to 900m elevation or a distance of 20-30 kms.Trails / terrain easy to medium , some passages off-trail or slightly hilly or rough ground likely. 

5 shoes : Regular walker with a good level of fitness. Average: Does not exceed 8 hours of walking, 800 to 1300m elevation, or a distance of 25-35 kms.Trails / terrain easy to difficult , passages off-trail or hilly or rough ground likely.

6 shoes : Experienced walker, athletic, with a very good level of fitness. Average: more than 8 hours of walking, over 1300m elevation or distance of more than 35 kms.Trails / terrain easy to difficult terrain, off-trail passages and rough or hilly ground likely. 
- Stay at a fixed point : Walk in the day and return to the same hotel or gite in the evening. This type of formula means you can take a break during the week.

- Stay at different points : Walk a stage every day and change accommodation often, but this reflects the spirit of hiking.

without carrying luggageWalk without carrying luggage : there is nothing for you to carry except your things for the day and a picnic lunch.Your luggage is transported from one stop to another by vehicle or by pack animals.

walk with your luggageWalk with your luggage : carry your personal affairs for several nights in the mountains: the weight of your bag (6 to 13 kg) will depend on the type of walk you are doing. (Very rare cases)

Accommodation - Food

- Standard Accommodation : This term encompasses all types of classic accommodation ranging from 2-star hotels to guesthouses. Standard indicates that the formula of the accommodation is the norm, the standard formula usually given on this type of circuit and in this region.
- Comfortable Accommodation : This means hotels or bed and breakfasts of good quality, the restoration is also researched. This formula ensures that you will be accommodated in double or single rooms (on request) and have private toilets.
- Accommodation charm and comfort + : This title applies to truly exceptional accommodation and comfort (hotels**** or others ...).Situated in an idyllic setting and offering great service, even the most demanding will be satisfied. The restoration too, will delight the eyes and the taste buds.
Because food is part of the heritage of a region, we attach great importance to the quality. According to the route, meals will be prepared the hotelier or owner of the gite. Menus combine an adequate energy intake, dietary balance and specialties of the region. 
If you follow a special diet, do not hesitate to call us, we will tell you if your diet is "compatible" with the selected route and it's organisation.

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