Who are we ?

Coming from Spain and sometimes much further away, a wind from the south blows down our Pyrenean valleys, bringing with it the scent of adventure. Hot, and charged with sand from the Sahara, it sweeps over the countryside, leaving a bizarrely golden, strange atmosphere, which awakens the desire to travel. This wind is called La Balaguere .
This is the name we gave to our company on its creation. La Balaguere is born from a simple idea: to share our love of the Pyrenees, to make our living by organizing walking trips. Since then, probably carried by the south wind, we have gone further afield to discover countries where the authenticity of the traditions and of the welcome exists in the present day. 

The Balaguère was created in 1984 by Vincent Fonvieille and a small group of hiking guides and enthusiasts of the Pyrenees.
30 years later, La Balaguere has become one of the leading French hiking and trekking Tour Operators, looking after the holidays of more than 12,000 people per year.
What is it, today, that La Balaguere does specifically? In fact there are several things:
The Pyrenees, the massif at the heart of things
It is in the Pyrenees, in Arrens-Marsous, a small village in the Val d'Azun, that you will find the registered offices of the La Balaguere. From here we design, organize and coordinate our trips. 
The Balaguere is primarily an agency which specializes in the French and Spanish Pyrenees, from the Basque Country to Catalonia, and from Toulouse to Zaragoza or Barcelona.
But we are Pyrenean travelers: from wonderful discoveries made we have also become specialists in many other destinations, such as Spain, Morocco, Madeira, Cape Verde ... among many others, on foot, and by bicycle.
A company that is human sized and eco- friendly
We always put man at the centre of our company, of our projects, of our trips. Respect for local populations, cultures, lifestyles, respect for others is one of our core values. Also we believe in the principle of fair and equitable payment for all employees in our organization, from staff to management, to the teams that are there to greet you around the world.This ethos translates into a certain spirit to be found with our trips, where encountering the people of the countries visited plays an important role, as well as the walking and discovery of the area.
Moreover, as is also evident, we have always been concerned about the preservation and respect for the environment, and are keen to transmit these values to our travelers.
Since 2009, La Balaguere has been certified ATR (Action for Responsible Tourism) by AFNOR.

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